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Hi! I’m Emma, nice to meet you! 

I Believe…

I believe every person deserves comfort and love, and to understand, be allowed to explore, and find comfort in their most authentic selves.

Whether they’re for a child, a grandchild, neice or nephew, friend, or your inner self, I believe toy design should be based on the people it’s done for, aimed to comfort and help allow self-expression and exploration, as opposed to dictating them.

I believe that toy design should not be an afterthought, or a race for the most complex or novel design, or the cheapest offering.

Why Stuffed Animals?

I believe play is where art comes from, where we find ourselves, and our purpose, however “artistic” the place we end up looks from the outside. Toys and art, art and toys, TArt? This stuff that we love and hold close to us is so special, and so uniquely ours. 

A good stuffed creature (or the making of one!), whether they’re a toy to hug or a friendly face on a detailed fantastical creature or a recreation of a pet once known, has the power to soothe and connect in a way few or no other inanimate objects do. The power to help you feel free, safe, capable, and supported in creative experiments. 

I love what I do because I get to be a part of that love and that discovery and peace. I’m proud a part of saying it's okay to love these things, and I get to see them come to life, once in my hands when I tie off the last stitch, and at least once more, when I see the face or read the message of the person who recieves them.

Is It Okay to Love Toys?

Depending on how you count, I’ve been a toymaker/stuffed toy enthusiast/artist for between 7 and 20 years. For a while there, past the “normal to want stuffed animals” phase (according to ‘people’), I felt like I was ‘supposed’ to give them up, to become a real person. When I couldn’t, I wondered if I was broken. It’s taken me a long time to realize, accept, and love that those parts of me aren’t going away. 

I've been in the place where these things that mean comfort and love and creation and peace and fun, that hurt no one including myself, have been called superfluous and immature. I've been in a place where I've had ideas and no idea how or ability to bring them into the world.
Little m House is where I (and hopefully you!) can feel comfortable and relaxed, and really, truly me (and you!).

I believe stuffed toys are important, and touch and play and creation are ageless joys and necessities. I believe toys and soft sculptures are special and unique not only based on what they are, but because of what part of ourselves we share with them. And I believe they should be created with that spirit in mind.

Why Little m House?

The toys and art pieces at Little m House are the physical expression of those beliefs. Whether I’m bringing a new design into being for you, sending you a piece from a pattern I’ve already done, or carefully healing and repairing a friend that’s been loved all the way to pieces, I’m working with everything I know and love for the spirit of art, connection, quality, creativity, and joy. I hope you’ll join me, it’s a lot of fun in here. ^-^