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I’m Em, I’m a Human-Positive toymaker and artist.

I create stuffed companions for adults, for Littles, for those who love or need them, no matter who those people are, but especially for those who haven’t been sure that it’s okay to love friends like these.

If you have a vibrant inner child, or identify as a Little, you’ve probably felt the sideways glances from other adults at stores or when you bring home a new plushie.

When I started constant companion bear’s instagram, (@TroubleTheBear), I was sure I’d be the only one, that I’d be laughed at online and out in the world.

But there are hundreds like us, lovin’ our fluffy buddies and taking them to work, to sleep, to the movies. Real friendships, real emotional support.

There are overlaps in the varied plushie-positive communities I’ve found. As someone who loves stuffies, you might be part of one, many, or never known you weren’t alone. 

No matter what, I want to make clear: Yes, these (and I) are here for YOU. You are okay. You are enough.

The best parts of seeing the toys go out into the world is the new owner’s face when they hold them for the first time, or their instagram posts with their own personal squee. The progress photos and the “OH GOSH YES I CAN’T WAIT” messages back. hearing things like “Genius”, “Beautiful”, “Adorable”, and “Like a perfect ball of hippo-pig-dragon cuteness”.

For the last 7 years, I’ve been making oodles of toys for myself and others, and I’ve got no intention of stopping, and every one to keep Little m House personal and connected. 

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.




This is Pickles. He wanted me to tell you hello, and he loves you.